an abstract obsession

Inspired by some John Wells firework abstracts I have tried to do a similar thing with the Christmas lights people have put on their houses on our street.  In fact, in this pre-Christmas week I have become rather obsessed with it.

X 21_0217
Xmas Lights_0486 copy
Xmas Lights_0486
Xmas Lights_0492
Xmas Lights_0492
Xmas Lights_0400  NIK
Xmas Lights_0521 NIK (1)
Xmas Lights_0481 NIK
lights 12_56
20211203_0026 xtra
Lights Abstract 3
Lights Abstract 5.5
DSCF3569 copy
Lights Abstract 8
20211203_0023 copy
DSCF3634 copy