Fragments of Moore



Seeing Henry Moore’s monumental sculptures is always an extraordinary experience.  As one walks round them each step reveals a new perspective and a different story.  


For a photographer that three dimensional quality is daunting, as is the danger of simply recording someone else’s art.  I decided that the answer was to go in close as I would if photographing natural phenomena such as rock formations, which were after all one of Moore’s sources of inspiration.  I felt also that this was a subject for monochrome, allowing the shapes and textures to speak for themselves, yet requiring a hint of copper toning to emphasise the metallic quality of many of the works.  I have left casting blemishes and weather stains un-retouched as these are very much part of the sculptures.  


The resulting panel is not in any way intended as a record of these sculptures, rather it is a personal response to Henry Moore’s genius. 


Colin Southgate FRPS